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7 Best Action Camera Protectors to Buy in 2022

7 Best Action Camera Protectors to Buy in 2022

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an action camera protector. The type of material, the level of protection, and the price are all important factors.

If you’re an action camera enthusiast, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of money on your gear, and you definitely don’t want it to get damaged in any way. When you’re using your camera, the last thing you want to do is worry about it falling into the water or getting damaged when it accidentally hits the ground. An action camera protector can provide essential protection against these risks, and here are the 10 best models on the market right now, including key information such as prices and dimensions. ​

1) FitStill Double Lock Waterproof Housing

The FitStill Double Lock is a durable waterproof housing for your action camera. It will help keep it safe from scratches, drops, bumps and water. It is easy to install and can be removed easily as well. With this product, you’ll be able to surf, bike, ski or do anything outside without worrying about damaging your camera. These are the best possible protection you could have against dirt, dust, snow and other environmental hazards. They also have three different color options available so that you’re sure to find one that fits your style! For $16.95 (on Amazon), this protective housing is worth every penny.

2) MEKNIC Housing Frame Case

This is a sturdy frame case that protects your action camera against most types of external damage. The case will keep your camera clean and dry, while also protecting it from drops, bumps, and other kinds of harsh treatment. Plus, the durable aluminum material ensures you can use this with any type of device without worries about compatibility issues. With an anti-slip coating on the outer surface, this model will stay firmly attached to any surface or mount. You’ll also find these available in five different colors including blue, black, green, red and silver.

3) Casey by GoPro

Casey is an ultra-compact shell for your GoPro or other small camera. It features a scratch-resistant body that offers protection from falls and bumps. The rubber pads on the back of the shell also serve as a great grip, which will help you make sure that you have a firm hold of your camera at all times. Casey comes with a 10-foot safety leash so you can tether your camera securely to yourself or whatever else you need it to be attached to for added peace of mind. With two colors available (black and white), there’s no reason not to get this tiny but mighty protective case.

4) TEKCAM Action Camera Carrying Case

The TEKCAM camera case is perfect for those looking for a durable way to transport their action camera. The case provides 360-degree protection from the elements. Plus, it’s been crash tested, waterproof and designed with military grade materials so that you can go just about anywhere without worry of breaking your camera! The REI Dry Pak Waterproof Case is also a great option for those who want extra protection from water damage. Made out of vinyl, this pouch will keep water out no matter what adventure you’re on. It also comes with an adhesive carabiner which will make it easy to attach to backpacks or belt loops.

5) Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 9/Hero 10 Black

The GoPro Hero 9/Hero 10 Black can be a great action camera but without a protective screen cover it could quickly become damaged from objects that come into contact with the lens. There are several good options for a quality screen protector for your GoPro. First, you will want to find one that is well rated and has been proven to do its job. Next, make sure that it has an adhesive material that is not made of glass as these types of protectors will scratch much easier than ones made out of plastic.

They also tend to break more easily when dropped. You will also want to find one that does not interfere with touch sensitivity and does not have any air bubbles underneath it. If there are air bubbles then you may need to remove them by rubbing gently on the underside of the protector before applying.

6) Mpow Camera Case Carrying Case / Clip Holder

The Mpow Clip Case and Carrying Case for Sports Cameras is an excellent choice for people who want a padded and safe case for their action camera. It is made with a flexible neoprene that is soft but also protects your camera from impacts. This design is so light, it’s very convenient to carry around on adventures. The clips on the outside of the pouch are used for attaching your camera to different surfaces. There is a strap that goes over the shoulder for carrying convenience as well. In addition, there are many slots inside of this carrying case which you can use to store extra batteries or SD cards. You won’t need any other bag if you have this one!

7) DJI Osmo Action Screen Protector

The Osmo Action Screen Protector by DJI is made of hardened PET plastic, this makes it a more durable option. The protector offers you the choice of tempered glass or PET hard plastic. Both options offer edge-to-edge protection. Glass provides better scratch and impact protection, while PET is more resistant to scratches and smudges. Overall, both are great products and will keep your screen free from damage.

In general, most people will prefer tempered glass because it’s easier to clean and doesn’t peel off like a plastic screen protector might over time. However, those who want their screen protected from dust as well should choose the latter option. With so many options available for action camera protectors, there’s no need to worry about which one is best for you!


Does Camera Protectors Reduce Quality?

No, using a camera protector won’t lower the quality. By shielding your camera lens from scuffs and other damage, they can lengthen the lifespan of your device.

Is it OK if the camera is covered by the screen protector?

It is acceptable to cover your camera with a screen protector. Many people discover that doing so keeps their camera lens clear and smudge-free.

Is the GoPro lens resistant to scratches?

The GoPro lens is indeed resistant to scratches. To prevent accidentally breaking the lens, it is always a good idea to handle your GoPro or any other kind of action camera carefully.

Can you cover the camera with tempered glass?

Yes, you may cover your camera with tempered glass. However, you need to be aware that doing so can void the camera’s warranty. Before taking any action, check your camera’s specifications.


For those who are looking for a new protector for their action camera, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best from various brands. From waterproof and robust protectors, to foldable designs that let you carry them easily. Above is our list of the best-rated protectors for your device.

We hope that this post has assisted you in reducing your options and identifying the best alternative for your requirements.


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