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Best Western Plus Casino Royale – Las Vegas Strip

Best Western Plus Casino Royale – Las Vegas Strip

Best Western Plus Casino Royale: You can do everything the “White Slaves” does in the “Palace of the Pharaohs”, Las Vegas. Best Western Plus Casino royale is one of the newest hotels to open in Las Vegas. It is located next to the famous Vegas Grand Hotel and Casino. What makes Best Western Plus Casino royale stand out from other casinos in Las Vegas is that it offers a fun casino experience while still providing a quality place to eat, shop and have some fun with friends and family. The hotel itself offers two restaurants, a bar and lounge, two gaming areas, a food court, an indoor pool, a gymnasium and a spa.

The casino offers five different gaming table types, including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and keno. The roulette and baccarat tables are operated by live dealers with video screens on the roulette and baccarat tables. The best part about the casino’s food court is that it is attached to the casino and offers eat-in dining at times when you would rather be eating out. There are also several snack bars and coffee shops located on the casino property, which offer you a variety of delicious snacks while you are enjoying the shows and games on the Las Vegas best western plus casino royale.

The gambling offers games such as Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Video Poker and Wii Poker. The slot machines are operated with new, high tech equipment. The Blackjack and craps table games can be enjoyed by the whole family. The casino has over two hundred slot machines, which can pay out a maximum of two thousand dollars for each hour. The slot play pays off in a maximum of nine hundred and fifty dollars per hour.

The Best Western Plus Casino Royale also offers you cheap drinks, snacks and other quality services. They have a full service lobby complete with receptionist, concierge, bar tender, and mail service. Their hotel offers an excellent range of accommodation options for those traveling on business or pleasure. The hotel offers five-star amenities and facilities. The casino offers you a full service VIP room and two suites that are located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. They are close to all of the action and all of the shows that are put on in this popular resort area.

The guests have access to all of the gaming opportunities and all of the services that you would expect from any of the Best Western Plus Casino Royales that is located in this beautiful location. They also have two restaurants that are located on the Las Vegas strip. Each of these restaurants offers a different type of cuisine. The guests may choose what they want to eat and what they would like to drink. They even have a full service bar that serves several types of drinks.

The Best Western Plus Casino Royale has a full service spa that is located right on the Las Vegas strip. It offers you a full body massage as well as a full body steam treatment and deep sea facial. The hotel offers you quality service and a very relaxing atmosphere. The casino offers you many options in the gambling area, and they boast of several high quality roulette tables.

You will find the Best Western Plus Casino to be fully licensed and insured. This casino is managed by slot machine experts who have been in the business for over thirty years. They are committed to providing their customers with a great service and a first class facility. They have created some of the most exciting gaming features in the entire world. The casino offers you a combination of blackjack tables, video poker, roulette games, instant games and special slot machines that have been known for their high jackpots. All of the other features include: free breakfast each morning, karaoke night, live entertainment on the casino floor, wide screen TVs in every room, pool and table tennis every day, kid clubs with trained professionals, deluxe convention center with full service staff, valet parking, daily security and much more.

If you are looking for a casino where you can feel at home while playing your favorite games then you need look no further than the Best Western Plus Casino Royale. This casino offers you the best services and the largest variety of products while providing you with the cheapest craps bonus around. With everything that you need to enjoy a fantastic casino experience right in your living room, this is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy some well deserved pampering.



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