BIGO Live is an internet application platform owned by a Singapore-based BIGO Technology. It provides a high-tech, real-time web entertainment portal for entertainment, information exchange, and social networking. The company also offers social media platform “Bamoze” and has launched an iPhone and Android mobile app. In the smartphone market, applications are a big thing. Applications such as Facebook’s popular application “Line”, Twitter’s “Twitter Card”, or Google’s “Google+, and Android Market’s “Social Media widget” have become the talk of the town. Therefore, developers have been trying to come up with innovative ways of monetizing these applications.

As an internet application, Bigo Live App Store is nothing more than an online application store for connecting and sharing content across the web. The app allows users to create their own online community or social networking site. Users can easily connect to other people who have downloaded the app and make friends. Since there is no limit to the number of people who can be connected to a single account, this app will definitely provide you with endless opportunities of reaching out to new customers.

What is more, as an added service, Bigo Live App Store allows users to access the website from any location – even their mobile phone! This is definitely a remarkable feature. As a result, once the app download is complete, users will not need to search for a URL from a computer, or the app itself in a URL; they just have to access the website.

Users can take full advantage of the app by sharing and connecting with their friends on various social media websites. This means that if a friend wants to update his/her status, all they have to do is to simply open the app, and Bigo will automatically share a snapshot from their current account. The same process is repeated for every user on the network. The app also has a unique mechanism that helps users search for people who have previously shared a status update with them.

When the app is downloaded and installed on a device, users are automatically connected to the internet. They can easily access the website and read the latest news and updates that are shared by their friends. In fact, they can be tempted to click on some links – but then, they should exercise caution as some of the links might be malicious or phishing websites. Therefore, users are advised to read the warnings on each page before clicking any of the links.

Furthermore, Bigo Live App Store also provides a feature that enables users to share videos and photos taken by their smartphones. This is one of the most exciting new features that this application has to offer. It is like taking advantage of one’s smartphones to enjoy video and photos taken using different devices. For instance, if a person wants to share a video taken with his/her iPhone with his/her Facebook account, all he/she has to do is to upload the video on the Facebook app and then send a message to the Facebook account. Likewise, if a person wants to upload a photo on the Bigo Live App Store, all he/she has to do is to upload the photo on the app, share it with his/her friends and wait for their friends to add the photo to their personal account.

The social media networking giant is in advanced stage of development, and it plans to extend its services to additional languages in coming weeks. Therefore, Indian users will be able to access the website using a range of languages. In addition, it is expected that Bigo Live App will become even more popular among the users in the future as it becomes more versatile. Thus, the company is taking full advantage of its popularity and is trying to make its presence felt in the Indian app stores.

The Bigo Live App is yet to be installed in all the iOS devices of the iPhones and iPads, but it is estimated that the app will be available in most of the Apple devices in upcoming months. Therefore, it can be concluded that the company is focusing on improving the features of its social networking software and making its interface more user friendly. Apart from that, it is trying to provide a user experience that is similar to that of Facebook Live. However, the major feature that sets it apart from the competitors is the option to use the app without the need to use any kind of third party applications.


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