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All You May Want to Know About “OpTic Gaming”

All You May Want to Know About “OpTic Gaming”

OpTic Gaming is an American e-sports organization based in Chicago, Illinois. The organization presently has a licensed Call of Duty team in the prestigious Call of Duty League (CSL) named as “OpTic Gaming”. OpTic Gaming was founded by Stephen “Swicke” Rattlinson, who has spent years working in the world of finance and accounting.

After leaving his former position as a financial analyst in the United States, he made a decision to pursue a football career and signed with OpTic Gaming in 2021.

The OpTic Gaming roster now consists of: Webley” Whitney” Quinn, Austin “cules” Seadrook, Mike “Psi” Schlosser, Tom “Sims” Martin, and Ryan “apyg” Sim.

The team’s starting five are all incredibly skilled players that could play at the top of the international level, but only two of them have shown the ability to consistently produce top-level results. This is OpTic Gaming’s major weakness, especially when it comes to producing consistent results.

The main strength is the fact that all five of their players are extremely valuable to OpTic Gaming in terms of performance, so if they wish to secure a spot at the World Championships this year, they must work hard this season to ensure that they don’t make any mistakes.

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Know More About OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming has been known to employ a diverse pool of players in their line-up, which has worked wonders for their cause at the ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals held in Toursmalm, Netherlands. There, they were able to defeat Immortals, and Cloud, two of the premier teams in the game, en route to their second ever major title.

Despite their success, it seemed as if OpTic Gaming would not be able to maintain the level of form they had demonstrated throughout the year, as they were swept by eventual tournament champions Astralis in the quarter finals.

This was a huge blow to their confidence, as Astralis had shown a lot of promise, especially with their dominant win over Enigma Gaming at the ESL Pro League Spring Season 2 final. So what went wrong?

OpTic Gaming’s shaky performances throughout the year, mostly at the international level, finally cost them their best player, kooshik “Chaser” Wilson. He decided to leave the organization after failing to improve upon his performance, citing in his decision the pressure of living in a foreign country, as well as the pressure of having a superstar in the team, namely kooshik “Chaser” Wilson.

Due to the huge amount of pressure placed on him, and the poor performances from his team, he might have already lost several important games that could have won him the title for the ESL Season 3 finals. Luckily for him and his teammates, though, there are still plenty of other talented players around who can bring OpTic Gaming to another level in the future.

After such a huge loss to Enigma Gaming at the ESL Pro League finals, it is understandable why many people are already expecting an upset in the upcoming ESL Season 3 finals. With such a big player loss, it is understandable that Epsilon eStags would step up their game, preparing for the challenge presented by the Danish team.

Recent results also paint a positive picture for optic Gaming, as they only lost to Cloud in the opening game of the tournament. If Epsilon prove to be a threat, they will surely make their presence felt among the top ESL clubs and challenge the dominance of Astralis and its member teams.

There are several other benefits for Epsilon that they could take from this recent defeat. Firstly, the loss of kooshik “Chaser” Wilson would free up some valuable CounterStrike talent which has been lying in Epsilium. The most talented player that has recently left is Robert “roca” Reichert, who is widely considered to be the best sniper in the world.

Without his amazing sniper shots, Epsilon would not have won the recent EPS champion’s title and might have even qualified directly into the main tournament, instead of them. In addition to that, having a free-agent sniper like Chaser would free up money for big-ticket purchases like the new Intel i7-processor on cediaglory’s site, which was largely funded by Valve.

This all translates to more money for Epsilon, which would in turn lead to a better financial stability for the organization.

Although Epsilon managed to defeat Enigma Gaming in the ESL European Pro-League finals, a loss to Very Easy Gaming in the ECS Season 3 finals would also mean a major blow to the team’s ego.

Epsilon has been regarded as a top team both regionally and internationally, and their defeat at the hands of Very Easy Gaming will greatly weaken their reputation both regionally and internationally.

With so much riding on this match, will Epsilon still be regarded as a credible gaming brand in the long run? Some have already come to the conclusion that the answer is no, but others believe that Epsilon still has a long way to go if they can win against Very Easy Gaming in such a highly competitive region.

Even though Epsilon was not as successful last year compared to Epsilon and Ctone, this does not mean that they are destined to fail in the future.

Will Epsilon be able to retain the respect that they have earned in the online gaming world, or will they be swallowed up by the other major gaming organizations?

This question remains to be answered. In the end, it will be interesting to see how the gaming world changes after these recent events. We can only hope that the Epsilon franchise will live up to the high standards that they have set for themselves and continue to create high quality content for their fan base.




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