5 Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers


In this article, we have listed some best free SEO tools for bloggers. These tools help you to optimize your blog posts and increase its visibility on Google Search Engine.

Yoast SEO Plugin

You can use this plugin to analyze your site’s structure, find out what pages need more attention, and make sure that your site loads quickly.

This plugin helps you to create an optimized website by analyzing your site and giving suggestions about how to improve it.

All in One SEO Pack

It also includes an XML Sitemap Generator, a URL Shortener, a Page Speed Analyzer, a Robots.txt Tester, a Site Audit Tool, a Social Media Analysis Tool, a Webmaster Tools Integration, and a Website Grader.

This tool will analyze your entire website and give you suggestions about how to make it better.

Rank Tracker

You can use this tool to find out how much competition there is for each keyword. If you see that there is not enough competition for a particular keyword, then you can start using it.

This tool analyzes your keywords and gives you suggestions about which ones should be used more often.

Screaming Frog

Another tool that will help you with SEO is Screaming Frog. This tool crawls through every page of your site and tells you what needs improving. It also shows you where you have broken links and redirections so you can fix them.

This tool crawls through your website and finds out what pages need improvement.

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Google Analytics

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, then you should definitely check out Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you to improve the readability of your content by adding tags, highlighting keywords, and creating lists.

This tool allows you to track your visitors and their behavior on your website.


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