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Ultimate Guide to Win at Florida Run Races

Ultimate Guide to Win at Florida Run Races

Florida Run Races: As a long-time horse player, I have to admit that I am not real fond of the Florida run horses. I like other tracks and even do some of my own handicapping, but it just does not work as well there.

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Florida Run Races

The problem is that the competition for many of the top names is so fierce at this track that they spend a lot of time on their heels because of the other guys. You see, the horses will be spending the whole day together, so if you get ahead early, there is no way they are going to be able to pull ahead of the competition, because they are all so close together. So it is hard to pick a horse that is actually going to run well on this track.

Nevertheless, when it comes to Florida, as long as there is enough water and the weather is nice, there is no reason why you should not take your chances on a few of the high-class races. And the one group that always seems to be consistent at these are the ones with the young runners. That is why we always see a crop of young horses in the forefront of the Florida runs. Here are a couple of reasons to think about those young guns.

For one thing, these youngsters are much more likely to win than older horses. That means they will get a big payout. Of course, they also cost a little bit more money, but you have to consider what they are being offered. The older horses may be better, but the young horses can give you a run at any course that you want.

Secondly, you may be able to avoid paying big money to place a young horse in one of the high-class courses. In many cases, these will only be available for the top jockeys. The horses may only have a one or two chance of winning, and you may have to pay top dollar to get them. However, the horses who shine in those races are usually the ones with the most speed. So, if you take advantage of those races, you may end up with a horse who can compete at the level you want.

Of course, there is always the one caveat. If you handicap well and are willing to spend a little money, you can try the low-class courses. You may be able to pick up a bargain there, as well as find a horse who excels on one of those low-class courses. Then, you just have to ride it to victory.

In fact, some trainers like to run the same courses that the pros do. If they like your horse, then you can sometimes find them on one of those courses. Those are just a few of the options that you have if you want to win at Florida run races. It is not impossible, and you never know until you try it.



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